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Elizabeth’s Priorities

Senator Steiner is committed to building a stronger, healthier Oregon.

Building a Stronger, Healthier Oregon.

I’m running for Treasurer to build a stronger, healthier Oregon. As a family physician, working mother of young adults, and experienced legislator with years serving as the chief budget writer of the state, I understand the importance of financial security for every Oregonian. 

The State Treasurer plays an important role in helping Oregonians achieve financial security. From helping Oregonians save for their children’s post-high school education to saving for retirement, my goal as Treasurer is to increase Oregonians’ access to these opportunities and help them become more financially secure. 

Protecting PERS

  • The Treasurer is responsible for protecting and growing the state retirement fund for local firefighters, teachers, and thousands of public employees across the state. As Treasurer I will continue to grow OPERF (the Oregon Public Employee Retirement Fund) and invest in ways that protect the pensions of hard working Oregonians.

  • We can meet our obligations to those who serve the state in such important ways while also reducing the unfunded PERS liability, which in the long-run allows us to allocate more funding to schools, road improvements, public safety, and other essential programs. 

Saving for a Better Future

  • As Treasurer, I will expand the College Saving Plan, which will help more Oregon parents, grandparents, and families save and grow 529 accounts that can be used for post-secondary education and job training. These plans are not just for college or university education – they can be used to help provide a pathway for pursuing career and technical education as well.

  • I believe every child should have some savings that will allow them to build wealth throughout their adult lives. That’s why I’m committed to setting up Oregon’s first baby bond system, which ensures that when every child hits 18 years of age they have some seed money to invest in their education, the down payment on a starter home, a car to get to and from school and work, and other critical first steps that are barriers to a young adult succeeding. Baby bond programs have been shown to reduce income inequality, including the racial wealth gap, and help those who need it most.

Investing in Our Shared Future

  • We must address the impacts of climate change and move Oregon to a cleaner, greener, cooler future. Oregon’s next Treasurer has the opportunity to influence how companies approach the climate crisis, too. I'll leverage the power of Oregon's investments to build toward a net zero portfolio and push companies to adopt clean energy goals, which will protect our communities while growing our economy.

  • Treasurer Read has set a decarbonization goal of 50% by 2035, reaching net zero by 2050. I know we can meet this goal, and I’m committed to carefully studying whether we can responsibly accelerate this timeline while growing the state’s investment portfolio.

Boosting Oregonians’ Financial Security

  • I want to build on the programs that we already have such as Oregon Saves and find innovative ways for people to achieve financial security and break the cycle of poverty.

  • As Treasurer, I will make signing up for Oregon Saves easier and work in partnership with unions, parent teacher associations, community organizations and other stakeholders to provide culturally specific financial literacy education.

  • The State Treasurer plays an important role in helping Oregonians achieve financial security. Opportunities to help Oregonians plan for the future include saving for retirement, creating a voluntary savings program to help Oregonians prepare for emergencies, and more.